How to choose a Wi-Fi device for traveling?

How to choose a Wi-Fi device for traveling?
How to choose a Wi Fi device for traveling

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For this purpose, portable Wi-Fi devices hit the market and the earlier portable Wi-Fi devices had some very impressive results. Now the market is full of all kinds of portable Wi-Fi devices and the lifestyle of a digital nomad starts from a reliable Wi-Fi device. If you are looking to buy a Wi-Fi device for travel then here are some points that will help you choose the best WI-FI Device for Travel:

One of the main requirements for any WiFi device is that it should have good battery life and be able to work for a long time. And when you are traveling somewhere then the WiFi device that you pick must have a superior battery life so that it can last for quite some time, otherwise, there is no use of such a device, especially on travel when you have to charge the device after every hour or two.

The speed of the WiFi device that you are going to pick is also going to be an important thing to ponder before making a decision. Although Wireless Devices cannot have the speeds of wired connections still you would want to have a device that provides good internet speeds.

Sometimes the work is sensitive to connection speed and in these cases having a WiFi device that provides poor internet speeds is the last thing that you would want. So, before you buy a WiFi device for travel, make sure that you read user reviews on the internet to find out the actual speeds that the device provides.

Plus, the second reason why VPN is a good idea is that it secures your connection and reroutes it through a proxy tunnel, making you completely anonymous so that no one will be able to track your activity. In foreign countries, VPN will help you stay protected from Internet Surveillance and provide an extra layer of security.

You can check if a WiFi device has support for a VPN by checking its specifications. You can also do it by visiting the admin panel of the WiFi through or and looking for a VPN option in the settings.

Another feature that a travel hotspot or WiFi device should have is that it should be able to access the internet from any spot on the globe. This means that the WiFi device should have support for multiple network and internet providers all over the world.

There are now some travel WiFi devices or hotspots coming to the market that have support for international data plans. You can also look for a device that has support for eSIM that will be able to remember several SIM card profiles without you having to carry a pile of SIM cards.

Connectivity is also important when you are buying a WiFi device or hotspot. For a single person, who usually owns 3-4 tech gadgets including mobile phone, laptop, smartwatch, etc any device would be sufficient but if other people are traveling along with you then you should choose a powerful travel hotspot that can handle multiple connections simultaneously without any problem, up to 10-15 connections would be perfect.

Last but not least, Coverage. Make sure that the carrier or provider has coverage in the region where you are traveling, otherwise, it would be of no use. If the cellular coverage is poor then no matter how good the device is, it won’t be useful. Just make sure that wherever you are traveling, that place has coverage by your carrier and cellular signals are good.

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