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How to grow your finances in the pandemic- Webinar video

How to grow your finances in the pandemic- Webinar video
How to grow your finances in the pandemic- Webinar video

Last Updated on May 5, 2021 by MyGh.Online

The financial impact that COVID-19 has ravaged on individuals cannot be oversimplified. From the loss of sources of income to having to grapple with the health concern of a virus that mutates and spreads like a wildfire.

The virus has spread across all 16 regions of the country. Our hospitals and treatment centres are choked with COVID-19 patients, not forgetting the fear and tragedy of losing loved ones to this deadly disease.

While you take all the necessary steps to put your health and safety first, you may also want to take steps to protect and grow finances during this time of uncertainty.

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Ghana Talks Business, in our recent personal finance webinar, discussed how to manage and grow your finances in the midst of the present pandemic.

Facilitator was Mr. Dela Agbo, an investment banking professional with 18 years of industry experience. He’ll shed light on.

The webinar looked at:

  • How to manage your present income/earnings
  • Building the habit of saving in a crises
  • Maximising investment returns, and growing your investments in a crises
  • Identifying and going into new business opportunities in this pandemic

The first step in managing your finances and making wealth is knowing what to do. Watch the video for the full presentation

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