How to tell your 'partner' that you're not ready for commitment

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Particularly when you get to a certain age [differs from person to person], you begin to think more in terms of long-term and relationships may no longer be the ‘fun’ ‘chill’ things you used to see them as before.

You get more intentional about who you get with, and pay more attention to whether you both have the same ideas of where the relationship should go, and how quickly it should progress to that mutually-desired goal.

When you have to clear the air about your intention for a [budding] relationship you have with someone, it makes sense to do it early, kindly and also as unambiguously as possible, according to Noelle Cordeaux, CEO of JNI coaching in a chat with Elite Daily.

Telling that person, “I’m not ready to do this because…” is much kinder than saying, “I suppose we can be official.”

If it’s time you need before making that commitment, let them know and take as much of it as you need.

Don’t feel rushed to say “yes” out of fear of losing the person, but it will be important to clearly communicate where you are emotionally in terms of the relationship.

“Communication and negotiation might not sound sexy early on, but [they] can be life-saving in the long run,” says Alessandra Conti, an American celebrity matchmaker.

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