How-Tos: 5 ways to survive in Nigeria

Last Updated on August 25, 2021 by MyGh.Online

Not only has inflation made life tighter than it would have normally been, but, life and property aren’t as secure.

What can we do to survive?

You might hear that your friends are involved in fraud or some other crimes and, they are getting a lot of money from it. Don’t be tempted. Just un-look and face your front.

Corruption and greed got this country to the point that it is now. We cannot continue on that path.

Learn something legitimate and excel at it. Create something. It is way better than enjoying for a few years to suffer later.

Don’t go with the flow of fraud, stealing and living a fake luxurious life.

Do not feel or think your life begins and ends in Nigeria. Think of how your business, qualification, talent or gift can take you out of this country literally or figuratively.

An example is Flutterwave raising $1 billion from foreign investors or when Nigerian athletes play for other European countries teams.

There was a time humor was a coping mechanism for Nigerians, but things have gotten a little too tough for us to laugh things off.

But we must find a way out of unhappiness, sometimes scrolling and watching funny videos or skits can make you transcend the Nigerian problem.

Obviously, we can’t all just stand up and leave the country like our fathers have oil mines. But some of us don’t even have passports.

So, what happens if the opportunity presents itself or by some stroke of luck you found that you are an heiress? How can you easily leave if you do not have a passport?

But once more, you can’t just stand up and leave. You can start by applying for those foreign jobs, and scholarships or connecting with friends who live there. It’s all about intentionality.

When something devastating happens everyone says, “Pray for Xyzzy country or Abc person” Hopelessness can turn even atheists into prayer warriors. Prayers are handy at this point.

Lastly, be on the good side of the law and you know how you have friends you call “The law”? Well, do not hesitate to reach out to them if you find yourself in any hassle where you are innocent.

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