Hungarian herding dogs look like flying mops in hilarious snaps of them racing

The event attracted 30 dogs
Hungarian herding dogs look like flying mops in hilarious snaps

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Hungarian herding dogs at a sports day look a lot like flying mops, as these hilarious pictures will prove.

Ruby, the five-year-old Hungarian Puli looked like a bushy black mop when she leapt into the air while chasing after a toy bunny at top speed during the timed challenge.

Ruby’s unique looks helped her secure a role in the new Cruella film. The pup almost earned the title of the fastest dog at the race, only to be pipped by rival Paintbrush the Pumi, TeamDogs reports.

The event featured 30 dogs as they ran around all day at various sporting events. Despite her heavy coat, Ruby travelled at a lightning-fast pace, according to photographer Sue Thatcher, 69.

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The event attracted 30 dogs
The event attracted 30 dogs

Sue said: “Ruby’s running at full pelt with her dreadlocks flying. Some people think she looks like a mop, some say she looks like a spider. She runs very fast – under their coats Pulis are quite slim and athletic.

“Pulis are delightful. They traditionally protect sheep flocks in Hungary. If you see that coming towards you and you’re a horse you’d run away.”

The all-day Hungarian breed sports day took place at a private garden in Sutton-under-Brailes, Warwickshire, and attracted 30 dogs for the day’s events, which included agility, scent and hoop challenges.

The dogs enjoyed their day out
The dogs enjoyed their day out

Sue, from Milton Keynes, added: “The dogs loved it. People came from all over to the event – some from Norfolk and Gloucester.”

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