Hyper-realistic sex dolls have fans 'double taking' to check they're not human

The human dolls have become incredibly lifelike over recent years
Hyper realistic sex dolls have fans 039double taking039 to check they039re

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Hi-tech sex dolls are fast becoming so realistic that many users claim they can no longer tell at first whether they are human or not.

Fans have been left stunned by the realism of sex dolls made by specialist company RealDoll, which manufactures bespoke and hyper realistic dolls.

The dolls have robotic facial features which can change their expressions, as well as being anatomically accurate in terms of how they move.

The company is even branching out from its hyper-realistic dolls, making ones with features such as elf ears.

Fans were delighted by the possibility of more niche dolls becoming available, even offering their own suggestions.

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The human dolls have become incredibly lifelike over recent years
The human dolls have become incredibly lifelike over recent years

“Ideas: I was thinking… y’all should do a tri-boob alien. That’d be insane,” posted one excited admirer.

Others had even more outlandish suggestions, with one making a suggestion that sounded like something out of Blade Runner, saying:

“Maybe you should add a thin layer of skin and synthetic muscle and blood over your skeleton to make your dolls look and feel more real.”

Many users claim the dolls are 'like something out of Blade Runner'
Many users claim the dolls are ‘like something out of Blade Runner’

One female fan was keen to find out more about the options for customisation, asking:

“Is there an option to bulk up his muscles at an additional charge? Please”

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Another amazed admirer even confused a member of staff with a male doll she was posing next to, posting: “your dolls look so real for a split second i’m like – Wow do they give dolls tattoos now?”

The dolls’ expressions nonetheless still draw some joking criticism, with one reply saying:

“She has a look on her face like someone is explaining to her that solar power is the future and the secondhand smoke is bad for everyone.”

The workshop for RealDoll is based in San Marcos in California, and makes for an extraordinary looking workplace.

The most expensive dolls are equipped with an integrated AI that allows them to interact with users.

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The company also has new plans to allow for interchangeable faces on the same doll, and potentially even different ‘personalities’.

RealDoll has become one of the dominant companies in the sex doll industry, specialising in producing dolls with an impressive level of realism.

Despite accusations that the dolls promote unrealistic beauty standards, the founder and CEO of RealDoll has previously claimed that the dolls can help ‘give customers empathy for women’ as it shows men how difficult it is for women to find the right bra size.

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