“I fire you in the name of Jesus” – Pastor’s reaction after woman fights him for laying hands on her [Video]

“Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor, we’re just doing maintenance works” – President Akufo-Addo assures
Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor

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A woman decided to fight a pastor who tried laying his hands on her as a form of prayer.

This woman immediately yanked the pastor’s hand away immediately he lifted it.

She went ahead to physically repel the pastor from coming any closer to her.

The pastor felt immediately that the woman was reacting to the power of God vested in him so he started exclaiming “I fire you in the name of Jesus.”

That was to give credence to the fact that the woman may be rejecting the laying of hands on her because she might be possessed with an evil spirit.

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The enthusiastic young pastor was convinced beyond all reasonable doubts as he engaged in a spiritual yet physical tango with the woman.

Check Out Video Below:

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