“I had only one fake designer shoe at a point in my life, so I vowed to buy more when I got rich.”- Joeboy

Joeboy, a popular Nigerian musician, has spoken out about some of the struggles he endured as a child before breaking into the spotlight.

In a recent interview with famous media personality, Chude Jideonwo, he revealed how he was ashamed as a child for owing school fees, which affected his self-esteem.

Speaking about his hardships to get to where he is now, the top-charting musician revealed how he struggled under the blazing sun to sell products in Ogun State simply to make ends meet.

According to him, it reached the point where he only had one shoe in his life, and it was a fake designer shoe, so he vowed that if he ever got successful, he would always purchase shoes.

Sometimes I felt everything should simply end because it was difficult, ” he says.

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I recall that after secondary school, I didn’t have any money and was seeking work,” I recall searching for work for a month.

“I would construct my curriculum vitae.” I once traveled from Ilaje to Sabo with a friend in search of work. We sent in our cv but did not receive the positions.

Eventually, I landed a job promoting items for a corporation in the sun.” They transported us to a redemption camp in Ogun State, which was a terrible journey. “Every week, we were paid N5000.”

At the time, life was difficult; I recall having only one pair of Nike sneakers, which was a counterfeit. So I made a commitment to myself that when I ultimately blow, I’ll always purchase shoes.

“Nowadays, when I’m sad, I just go out to purchase shoes.” Life was tougher than failing an exam or not having enough money for school.

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“There was a moment when this happened to me. I’ll simply suggest that if a youngster owes school fees, don’t call the child out on it. Simply instruct the youngster not to attend school.

“Don’t flog children for failing to pay their school fees; the child is impoverished.” School proprietors should not ridicule a child because he or she owes school payments.”

“It was quite embarrassing for me at the time since it affected my self-esteem.”

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