I wanted to impress my girlfriend by going in for blood money – Barber

I wanted to impress my girlfriend by going in for blood money – Barber
I wanted to impress my girlfriend by going in for

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We have heard stories of people engaging in money rituals to come out of poverty, start a business, and other things.

A story shared by a barber identified as John Mensah Sarbah has shared a story of how he ended up going in for blood money popularly known as ‘Sika Duro’ in the local Twi language.

Sharing his story, he narrated that he worked with a lady for a long time and both of them eventually started dating.

According to him, he expressed his intention to marry the woman only to be hit by a piece of sad news from her when she told him he was too poor and she can’t introduce him to her family.

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He said: “She told me that I had no money so she can’t introduce me to his parents.”

John explained that this statement made him think of going in for blood money in a bid to impress her.

“To impress her, I decided to go for the money ritual. The mallam told me bring 5000 cedis, a white sheep and he asked me to eat a full chicken without chewing,” he revealed.

The young man revealed that due to the requirement from the mallam he resorted to scamming people just to raise that money.

“I scammed with military recruitment protocol” he revealed.

Despite raising the money for the mallam and doing everything he requested, he was later told by the mallam that his spirit doesn’t like money.

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“They paid and I gave it to the mallam but it didn’t work. He later told me my spirit does not like money so it won’t work,” John added.

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