“I was forced to drink my own urine when I went to America”- Wayoosi narrates sad story (video)

"I was forced to drink my own urine when I went to America"- Wayoosi narrates sad story (video)
I was forced to drink my own urine when I

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Wayoosi, a well-known Kumawood actor, has recalled a dreadful trauma he went through during a trip to the United States.

He claimed in a widely distributed interview with Poleeno that he urinated into a bottle and kept it in his car since he couldn’t find a receptacle to properly dispose of it.

With the purpose of tossing it in the trash can while driving around town.

Unfortunately for him, he was stopped by some security agents along the way, and when one of the cops asked what was in the bottle, he answered it was medicine.

After that, the officer questioned if he could taste it, to which he replied affirmatively. He went [email protected] after smelling the pee and threatened to put him in jail.

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In an attempt to elude arrest, he drank his pee in order to be set free.

To learn more, watch the video below…

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