Interpreter's attempt at signing story about naked men chased by deer goes viral

The woman miming the attack by the deer
Interpreter039s attempt at signing story about naked men chased by

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An interpreter who had to act out a pair of naked men being startled by an angry deer at a press conference has been praised for not giggling after the clip went viral.

The Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreter had to work her way through a wild police statement about the naked men being caught running through a wood after breaking the Covid lockdown to go sunbathing.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Matt Plum was slamming the actions of the nude men and talking quite quickly, so the interpreter had to think fast to explain the action.

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He said: “Unbelievably we saw two men sunbathing naked on a beach in the south coast that were startled by a deer, ran into the national park and got lost.

The woman miming the attack by the deer
The woman miming the attack by the deer

“Not only did they require assistance from police to rescue them, they also both received a ticket for AU$1,000 (£547).”

The video was watched more than 150,000 times after going viral on Twitter on Monday (June 28) and people were in stitches and praised the Auslan expert for keeping her cool during the bizarre story.

One fan commented: “The ability to maintain composure while translating that story 10/10.”

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A second wrote: “Hats off to all the Auslan translators. They have all been excellent, but this is my favourite so far.”

The naked men were fined for breaking Australia's Covid lockdown
The naked men were fined for breaking Australia’s Covid lockdown

“It does not get any less funny no matter how many times I watch it,” someone else tweeted.

Another fan commented: “So professional. How does she not giggle?”

Meanwhile, another viewer mused: “No fine for an affront to public decency? It was cold so I suppose nothing to see.”

In another strange incident, a man was caught naked sunbathing in the middle of a busy British town during the hot spell.

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Witnesses said he seemed “off his t***s” and unbothered that everyone passing on the street could see his privates.

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