“It is better to marry early if you have money to take care of the woman”- Enoch Darko advises young men

Enoch Darko, the comedian who rose to stardom after winning the TV3 Talented Kids competition, appears to be a new marriage counselor in town.

In a recent interview, he stated If you’re a young man who has the money and resources and is capable of taking care of a lady, you should get married because early marriage provides so many advantages for both parties.

He is reported to have further said getting married young gives you more time to think about starting a family and preparing for the future of your children.

"It is better to marry early if you have money to take care of the woman"- Enoch Darko advises young men 3

With more time to spare, Enoch Darko says the couple can properly space and arrange the arrival of each of their children.

Meanwhile, a few people were curious as to why he was saying this when he hasn’t yet married.

“It is good to practice marriage at a youthful age but one can also choose his style of life. I, for instance, has so many plans he wants to execute before he ventures into marriage because marriage on its own is also another full-time job,” he explained

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