Keep your bank details, phone passwords away from chatty partners

Keep your bank details, phone passwords away from chatty partners
Keep your bank details phone passwords away from chatty partners

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According to him, this is to avoid regret and family break down.

Ibeaka alleged that many couples hid their passwords and phones from their spouses due to lack of trust and understanding in the marriage.

”If there is trust they can view each other’s phone messages without any form of doubt,” he said.

Ibeaka said that couples need to know and understand the preposition of their spouses and partners before relating certain information to them.

“If one lives an extravagant lifestyle and once he/she sees money, he/she will squander it and if the other is a talkative type, he/she will reveal your secret.

“This is the reason why many couples deny themselves access to certain information,” Ibeaka said.

He said if the couples have same financial standing, they could check their bank balances without any issue.

“Take for instance, once you tell your wife how much you earn or were paid she will become your unapproved auditor or accountant.

The expert stressed that in a sane marriage where there is an understanding, it becomes abnormal for couples to hide their passwords from each other because they share one bond.

“Possession is believed to be individualistic and we have freedom to certain privacy but I tell you, it is absolutely wrong for couples not to disclose their secrets,” he said.

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