King of Boys 2: Was the costume on trending mini-series spot on?

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When the director of King of Boys, Kemi Adetiba announced that the anticipated sequel was a mini-series and not a movie, we leapt for joy in anticipation.

Now you might be wondering if the mini-series has lived up to the hype. Certainly, it has. King of Boys 2 has been trending on social media since its release on Friday, August 27, 2021.

To pursue the vision of the styling, Adetiba sought the input of stylists Elegante by Tiannah and Abaya Lagos.

These two fashion houses came together to give us an explosive combination that portrayed Salami as a powerful woman.

The regal Abaya and mesmerizing hairband were striking and exuded upper-class aura.

The first time we see Salami, she is wearing a pristine white gown with a collar and we had no choice but to stan.

For the scene of her seating at the table, she wore an embroidered blazer and skirt from Elegante by Tiannah and of course a turban that made her look like royalty.

Another character whose outfits suited her personality was the wife of the executive Governor of Lagos State in the movie.

In almost every scene, Nse had fiery red lipstick which made gave her this formidable look.

The power suits and gowns with puffy sleeves she wore unquestionably exuded arrogance.

She wore a glistening green skirt suit with dramatic sleeves, plunging neckline and a little black hat that was perfectly dramatic.

One criticism would be the robe of Reverend Ifeanyi that was a bit unrealistic and tacky.

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