Lady quits job after boss requested to buy her underwear because he wanted to be sniffing it

A young woman who got upset that her boss wanted to buy her underwear has quit her job as a result. 

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In a post shared online, the lady revealed her boss had been making sexual advances at her including trying to touch her inappropriately.

The last straw apparently was when the man requested to buy her underwear so that he can be sniffing it; an act she likened to that of a ritualist which prompted her to quit her job.

The lady posted;

“I quit my job cause my boss couldn’t keep his hands to himself, it started out with ‘ Ahh you look good today can I get a hug’ I’m like No !
To him trying to touch me at every opportunity, then one day he asked to buy my underwear cause he wants to be sniffing it???

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I’m like Ahn Ritualist behavior! I said No ! I still don’t understand why some men don’t understand boundaries and know that some lines can’t be crossed! For every young woman going through any form of sexual harassment at work, I hope you find a a way out it’s not a good thing”

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