“Learn sense and stop advising me on what to wear”- Yaa Jackson blast critics

"Learn sense and stop advising me on what to wear"- Yaa Jackson blast critics
Learn sense and stop advising me on what to wear

Last Updated on July 2, 2021 by MyGh.Online

Yaa Jackson has a message for Ghanaians and all those who have decided to mingle in her business: she has requested people to respect her wishes and let her live her life.

Yaa claims that the way she lives her life has no negative impact on others, that she is not contributing to global warming or instigating conflicts, so why should anyone be interested in her life?

This comes after she posted a selfie of herself in a bikini on Instagram.

Yaa Jackson claims she has no idea why wearing a racy bikini by the pool causes headaches.

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Yaa claims that she is not the one who tells people how to live their lives or what to dress for and where, and that she despises it when people advise her to slow down in life.

Yaa claims she does not have complete control over the world and that we should all ‘learn to make sense.’

To say that Yaa Jackson has evolved or changed over the years is an understatement.

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