Lies Told About Africa Before And During Slavery

Lies Told About Africa
Lies Told About Africa Before And During Slavery

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Lies Told About Africa Before And During Slavery.

History taught in schools has told a lot of lies about Africa before and during slavery. This is part of the psychological warfare being waged on Africa to make sure Africa’s true and rich history remains untold forever.

From the history taught in schools:

Africans had no clothes on when the former slave masters came into contact with them for the first time. Africans were living on tree when the former slave masters first step foot on the continent. African are dark in complexion because they did not bath.

We have been also made to believe that the former slave masters sat Africans down and taught them how to read and write. Africans were barbaric and use to cook and eat missionaries. Greeks and other race brought civilization down to Africa. Africans had no hand in the construction of the great pyramids and other great monuments on the African land. African had no system of government, no writing system and no means of keeping records. Africans used to worship trees, stones and water bodies.

We were also taught that African Kings and Queens sold our forefather into slavery. African used to exchange their fellow Africans for salts, sugar, wines, canned foods, cements among others. Kings and Queen gave law breakers out to be taken into slavery. Some stronger African tribes conquered weak tribes and gave them out to be taken into slavery in exchange of guns and gunpowder.

False history about Africa are everywhere in the face of Africans just to make the average African look down on his or herself, create self-hate and disunity among Africans. This historical warfare is being waged on Africans by the former enslavers due to the fear of the power in Africa’s unity and to perpetuate White dominance over the Black race.



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