Mabel the piano-playing dog uses cutlery and wipes her mouth with a napkin

Mabel the piano-playing dog uses cutlery and wipes her mouth with a napkin
Mabel the piano playing dog uses cutlery and wipes her mouth

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A talented rescue dog has found an unusual passion for playing the piano.

And she can even play her favourite song paw-fectly!

After a tough start in life which saw her nearly put to sleep, Mabel the Labrador cross was rehomed and is now a much-loved family pet with the Stretch family.

However, her new owners were left baffled when she developed human-like abilities and was happy to sit and play the piano, reports TeamDogs.

Now, eight-years-old, when she’s not playing a perfect tune she’s also learnt to use human cutlery and even uses a spoon, feeds herself toast and wipes her mouth with a napkin.

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Mabel has developed unique skills when rehomed with the Stretch family

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Mabel is enjoying life in Clevedon, North Somerset, near Bristol, with Euan, his wife Karen, and their sons Rory, 15, and Conor, 13.

We bet you’ve never seen a dog playing the piano better than Mabel the Labrador cross.

Euan said: “At first Mabel was a little camera shy, but soon grew to love being in front of the lens.

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“She is very musical but found it a little difficult stretching her toes for a few of the chords, and she is an enthusiastic but very messy eater.

“Coco-pups are her favourite breakfast cereal.”

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