Man sneaks into farm to have sex with horse and gets caught on camera

The vile act was caught on surveillance camera
Man sneaks into farm to have sex with horse and

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A hunt is underway for a man accused of having sex with a horse early Thursday morning, which was gruesomely captured on surveillance camera.

The horrified equestrian centre found the footage on one their security system, despite the man having unplugged one of the cameras before the vile act.

Hillary Swarr, owner of Turner Hill Equestrian Centre, said: “I look at this person as a sexual predator. It’s a threat to a very small community where a lot of people feel extremely violated and rightfully so.”

The disgusted owner told the Boston Herald that a young man had infiltrated the centre on foot in the very early hours of Thursday morning.

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Footage from the surveillance camera shows the man halter and cross tie the lone mare, which showed Swarr that he was comfortable around horses and must have had some experience in the equestrian industry.

He then proceeded to assault the horse.

The vile act was caught on surveillance camera
The vile act was caught on surveillance camera

After seeing the footage, Hilary rushed to the stable, but by the time she arrived the man had fled.

The equestrian centre had a rape kit performed on the poor animal who was thankfully deemed healthy and had no injuries from the attack.

Sharing a statement from the owner of the horse, Swarr said: “While the owner questions why this individual chose her horse for this grotesque act, she is empowered to support her fellow barn members and both horses and people alike in the greater Massachusetts equestrian community … we will find this individual and bring him to justice.”

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The incident has reportedly led to Swarr losing business in her centre where she takes care of horses.

“This is detrimental to my income, however I feel like I have a larger responsibility to my community because again, this is a sexual predator,” she said.

Adding: “This is just really bizarre.”

Footage shows the man wearing bright yellow trousers, construction boots and a blue shirt.

Swarr has described him as 5ft6 and likely between the ages of 20 and 25.

Norfolk Police have sent out an alert to neighbouring communities to see if they had any information or similar incidents occur.

The investigation is ongoing.

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