Mum terrified after baby monitor captures 'paranormal activity' over child's cot

Erika spotted an 'orb' floating over her baby
Mum terrified after baby monitor captures 039paranormal activity039 over child039s

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A petrified mum has shared videos of “paranormal activity” haunting her young child’s cot at night.

Erika Danielle made the chilling discoveries after looking back on her baby monitor and posted the clips to her TikTok account.

In the first clip, seen more than 9.1 million times, Erika’s son is seen suddenly waking up.

What her followers described as an “orb of light” quickly floats across the camera and goes up the side of the wall.

She captioned it: “We have paranormal things happen a lot in our home.

“Look close or you might miss it.”

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But Erika has claimed she has since spotted the “orb” in her son’s bedroom again.

Erika spotted an 'orb' floating over her baby
Erika spotted an ‘orb’ floating over her baby

Another video shows a similar “orb” slowly floating above her baby as he sleeps.

It appears to spark a reaction from the youngster, who wiggles before his dad comes into the room to calm him down.

“Look at the baby’s legs,” one believer wrote. “Whatever it was pulled and shoved the baby’s legs.”

Another asked: “Am I the only one who saw his leg getting pulled slowly before waking up?”

The tot immediately jumped up
The tot immediately jumped up

Not everyone was convinced by the footage though, with many sceptic wading in to say the “orb” was nothing but a dust particle.

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“This is just an illuminated dust particle, I promise you and your little one are safe,” a third commented.

And a fourth agreed, saying: “I build infrared cameras for a living. That’s dust, nothing to be worried about. I’m a father and can also say the baby movement seemed normal.”

A stock image of a ghost
Not everyone was convinced the ‘orb’ was the result of paranormal activity

The footage comes after a psychic claimed she was saved from certain death by a ghost while she was visiting a supposedly haunted jail in the US.

Liz Smith-Anderson now works at the former Chester County Jail and said she has become “protective” over the spirits.

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Meanwhile, a pair of ghost hunters believed they may have caught on camera a ghost’s “penis”.

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