Mystery '500mph craft' filmed being 'chased by jet' sparks UFO frenzy

The footage appears to show a jet chasing a white object at high speed
Mystery 039500mph craft039 filmed being 039chased by jet039 sparks UFO

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Footage of a mysterious object being chased by a jet across the skies in the US has emerged as the mystery of UFOs across the country continues.

Military chiefs recently admitted they were baffled by dozens of unexplained sightings and the latest film is being described as “incredible” by one conspiracy theorist.

The video – which was shot above the state of Georgia – appears to show a white round object being pursued by a jet at a speed of up to 500mph.

The footage was shared on the YouTube channel of MrMBB333, who presents regular round-ups of strange sightings as well as stunning natural phenomena.

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The footage appears to show a jet chasing a white object at high speed
The footage appears to show a jet chasing a white object at high speed

It was taken by “Dawn J”, of Statesboro, Georgia, who recorded the film at 9.15am on July 13.

MrMBB333 said: “This was one incredible video. She went outside to turn her antenna and noticed this airplane in the sky appeared to be chasing something in front of it.”

In the footage, which lasts more than a minute, Dawn can be heard saying: “I’ve never seen that before. Is the one chasing the other one? That’s what it kind of looks like. They are going pretty fast, too.”

Analysing the film, MrMBB333 said: “[It’s] a high altitude jet more than likely moving at around 400mph, maybe 500mph. That tells you this object’s moving at least this speed, quite possibly faster. It’s maintaining its distance in front of the jet, maybe even pulling away from the jet.

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“The jet is staying behind this white object that is clearly not an airplane or a helicopter, covering a large portion of the daytime sky very quickly.”

The drama above the skies of Georgia was caught on film in broad daylight
The drama above the skies of Georgia was caught on film in broad daylight

He added: “One we can assume is an airplane, by the contrail behind it. The other one has no contrail and appears to be a large round white object.

“I have no idea what we’re looking at here. I know it’s super-unique though. I’ve never seen anything quite like this in broad daylight or in the night-time sky, for that matter.

“It might be some sort of an orb. It doesn’t appear to have flashing lights or colour. You can clearly see a jet chasing a UFO in broad daylight.”

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Many viewers were gobsmacked by the sighting, admitting they could not explain what they were seeing.

The footage has gone viral on YouTube
The footage has gone viral on YouTube

But some suggested the two craft were actually both planes at different altitudes – which just so happened to

Dawn said the weird object and the jet were heading towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The sighting comes hot on the heels of a recent report from the Pentagon that admitted military chiefs have no explanation for dozens of UFOs seen and filmed by US pilots.

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