Naughty girl nearly breaks her neck as she demonstrates wild ʂɛҳ styles slay queens employ to get rewarded with iPhones- Watch

A young lady nearly broke her neck while taking netizens through wild ʂɛҳ styles positions that most slay queens employ to get rewarded with expensive iPhones.

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The young lady who was spotted in the company of her friend in a room took netizens through the various styles a lot of slay queens arm themselves with to get what they want, especially iPhones.

She assigned various names to the styles which obviously cannot be found in any manual mainstream sex book.

In the same vein, her friend who filmed the encounter asked her to demonstrate the various positions that go with the different iPhones brands.

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She did it excitedly but when she was showing netizens how slay queens get kinky when they want iPhone X, the style she exhibited nearly resulted in a neck strain.

Watch the video below;

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