Pawpaw: 5 amazing beauty benefits, and how to use it

Pawpaw: 5 amazing beauty benefits, and how to use it
Pawpaw 5 amazing beauty benefits and how to use it

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The health benefits of the Fanta colour fruit are incredible. Its high medicinal value is well known and appreciated around the world.

Studies have shown that pawpaw is rich in vitamins A, C, E and K, and has antioxidant properties as well.

It also contains magnesium; potassium, niacin, carotene, protein, fiber and an enzyme called papain, which helps treat a sore throat, aids digestion, and reduce inflammation and pain.

As a matter of fact, further studies have shown that even the seeds of pawpaw help in regenerating the old and dead skin cells; and by so doing, they help to maintain the beauty of the skin.

And talking about skin beautification, the usefulness of pawpaw cannot be overemphasized

It is a well-known fact, especially to beauticians, that pawpaw contains natural cleansing properties that help clear the skin off impurities. And the rich content of vitamin C which is contained in it helps to protect the skin against sun damage.

It is important to note that pawpaw has some natural bleaching properties, so it is advisable to use this remedy mildly to avoid over colouring.

Pawpaw does not only help to regenerate old and dead skin, it also helps keep the skin soft and supple. And this is as a result of the vitamin A contained in it.

Studies have shown that the papain enzyme contained in pawpaw have some amazing skin-cleansing properties that help in getting rid of clogged pores.

And when dead skin cells are removed by the alpha hydroxy acids in it, pores are unclogged in the process; thereby preventing pimples and acne.

However, you can prevent pimples, acne, and blemishes by including pawpaw in your everyday diet.

Highly rich in vitamins and minerals which help to maintain the water content on the face, pawpaw seeds help to maintain the hydration on the skin which does not only makes them soft, but supple as well.

It is simple. Simply rub your face and body with a handful of pawpaw seeds regularly to help hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Studies have shown that pawpaw is enriched with antioxidant properties that help tackle both the appearance of crow’s feet around the outer corners of the eyes as well as wrinkles on the forehead.

And as earlier stated, the vitamin C in pawpaw has antioxidant agents that fight off free radicals that capable of damaging the skin cell.

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