Police officer who 'died' after horror car crash says he visited heaven and hell

Police officer who 039died039 after horror car crash says he

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A police officer who ‘died’ after a horrific car crash says he visited heaven and hell before being brought back to life.

Jeff Coulter said he experienced the afterlife when he briefly passed away after his car was involved in a head-on collision with another in 2014.

He said the crash sounding more like an explosion.

“I blacked out, I vaguely remember hearing the car skidding,” he said.

He was so severely injured the US cop had to be airlifted to a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

But disaster struck during one of several emergency surgeries when his heart stopped.

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Jeff also recalled seeing his mum during his otherworldly ordeal

It was then he claims his soul left his body and he saw heaven and hell.

“I passed out in my wife’s arms in the hospital,” he said. “I began to see images of demons and I started hearing growling and laughter.

“What I was told after was my heart had stopped, half my heart had stopped and my respiration was off the charts and I was basically dying.

Jeff in hospital
The US cop said he went to a place ‘where there was a black void’

“I felt my soul leave my body and I remember seeing darkness and also fog on the floor and the ceiling.

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“I went to a place where there was a black void – and I remember crying out to Jesus: ‘Jesus help me!'”

During the otherworldly ordeal, he said he also saw a vision of his mum .

“She got right up in my face, it was a younger version of my mother,” he said. “I remember her looking me right in the eye. For whatever reason, she was washing her arm.”

He added: “From a believer’s standpoint, I believe it symbolised washing and for me to clean up my act.

“She gave me that motherly stare and after that I remember zooming back and I came back in the room.”

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