PornHub star blasts pants over 100,000ft into space before flogging them at auction

Pants in space
PornHub star blasts pants over 100000ft into space before flogging

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A PornHub star has fired her black pants into space for charity.

Leo and her partner Lulu have racked up more than one million subscribers on Pornhub without ever revealing their faces in X-rated sex scenes.

In collaboration with content sharing platform, Leo’s nickers are now floating around in space but will be sold to the highest bidder at auction next week.

It is hoped deep-pocketed wannabe buyers will go toe to toe for the lingerie, with proceeds going towards research into women’s reproductive health and wellbeing.

Experts at Sent Into Space launched the underwear garment from Sheffield, AVN reported.

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Pants in space
An image of the pants and accompanying photo of the couple in space

Within two hours and 27 minutes, the pants made it to the Earth’s stratosphere at an altitude of 107,089ft where the temperature is -55C.

They then fell back towards Earth at 250 mph before a parachute opened at around 52,493ft to slow it down for landing.

Sent Into Space Director Dr. Chris Rose said: “We’ve sent a lot of items into space from chicken nuggets to headphones, but this is the first time we’ve launched a pair of pants up there.

“However, whilst it may seem crazy, the campaign is raising money for a great cause which will support women all over the world.”

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Leolulu have 1.1m subscribers on Pornhub

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The owner of the pants, Leo, said: “Growing up I was shocked to discover how little research there was on women’s health and how recently what I consider to be the most basic improvements were made.

“I often wish for better solutions when it comes to a variety of challenges women face, including menstruation, contraception and giving birth.”

One half of LeoLulu
She and her partner have shied away from revealing their faces

Her partner, Lulu, added: “This why we are raising money for the charity Wellbeing of Women, as its ground-breaking research has already saved and changed many lives for the better, and we want to show our support to a cause that’s close to our hearts”

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The auction will take place on Tuesday, September 7, on NFT marketplace

The winner will receive a digital non-fungible token [NFT] clip of the pants in space as well as the real pants in a frame.

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