“Provide their identities if you claim the security agencies are filled with thugs who rob people” – Koku Anyidoho tackles Mahama [Details]

“Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor, we’re just doing maintenance works” – President Akufo-Addo assures
Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor

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Koku Anyidoho has called the bluff of former President Mahama for saying that the security agencies are filled with thugs who rob people during the weekends.

The former Deputy General-Secretary of the NDC has asked Mahama to provide the identities of these thugs since his utterances do not help the situation.

Mr Mahama speaking at a function said the security agencies have been infiltrated with thugs who are not trained properly and as result carry out robberies on the unsuspecting public.

“…some of these people placed in the security forces are known, thugs. They have compromised the safety of this country. These thugs work during the week as soldiers and police and go and rob during the weekends,” Mahama said.

Sharing a video and replying to it in the wake of heightened hysteria over the growing state of insecurity in the country, Koku Anydoho has asked Mahama to either provide the identities of these thugs he was referring to or keep mute.

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A former President of Ghana has made his allegations; So he knows the thugs who work for the security agencies during the week; and rob at weekends? What has he done as a former President to give the exact identities of such persons?

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