Radio Discussions On How To ‘Live Strong With Iron’ To Air Every Thursday On Adom FM At 4:00pm

Radio Discussions On How To ‘Live Strong With Iron’ To Air Every Thursday On Adom FM At 4:00pm
Radio Discussions On How To ‘Live Strong With Iron’ To Air Every Thursday On Adom FM At 4:00pm

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Thursday afternoons will not be the usual as the long-awaited radio discussion by the ‘Live Strong with Iron’ campaign finally aired this Thursday, 3rd September on Adom FM.

The maiden edition of the radio discussion which features a “Problem of the day” segment took off on an exciting note. The two panelists on the show, Naana Anane Adjei, a Registered Dietitian, and Oheneyere Gifty Anti, renowned TV host and an influencer for the campaign brought to life the realities of how iron deficiency is affecting women and children in Ghana.

This week, the ‘Problem of the day’ focused on a pregnant woman who wanted advise on how to deal with her mother in-law who she thinks is too stern on ensuring she “pumps up” her iron level by eating iron- rich foods to get enough blood for herself and her unborn baby.

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Discussing the problem, Naana and Gifty added their voice to support the mother in- law, saying “One important mineral you’ll need to increase during pregnancy is iron. This will build your immunity and help you stay healthy for yourself and the baby you are carrying.’

The panelists mentioned that though pregnancy sometimes calls for unusual cravings, pregnant women must endeavor to consume healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables, turkey berries, bokorbokor, kontomire, ayoyo, eggs, chicken and fortified foods which are rich sources of iron.

Listeners were educated on the two types of iron sources- animal and plant based sources. In addition to eating foods high in iron, pregnant women can also help their bodies out by adding in foods that can help them absorb more iron, such as foods high in vitamin C like oranges. Vitamin C can help your body break down and absorb the iron from your diet.

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Oheneyere Gifty Anti revealed during the show that a lot of women beyond the shores of Ghana have reached out to her since the second phase of the campaign began sharing their real life stories on iron deficiency.

Fascinatingly, despite it being the maiden show, the phone lines kept buzzing with callers sharing their personal experiences and others seeking more information about iron deficiency. The panelists did remarkably well as they used every opportunity to respond to questions from the callers regarding iron deficiency and its solutions which are usually simple and affordable.

The next discussion airs on Thursday 10 September 2020 on Adom FM at 4:00pm, make it a point to tune in and “Live Strong with Iron”.

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