Regina Daniels admitted to the hospital again after surgery.

Regina Daniels admitted to the hospital again after surgery.
Regina Daniels admitted to the hospital again after surgery

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Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress, has been visiting the hospital as if it were a vacation spot in recent months. A few weeks after undergoing surgery, the mother of one is back in the hospital.

She posted a photo of herself with her medicines strewn about, stating that she is sad and in need of prayers from her fans and loved ones.

Her admirers are concerned about her safety and want to know what is going on with her because the travels are getting way too frequent.

Her supporters have voiced their thoughts in the comments section, with some claiming that she has not been the same since marrying old guy Ned, and that her illness or whatever is ailing her has something to do with it.

Others feel she has turned into a pill popper who is constantly on one drug or another in the hopes of losing weight, which they believe is having a negative impact on her.

And the remainder believe that being married to a millionaire is not always easy and that she should deal with it.

Despite all of these criticisms, the young actress appears to be having the time of her life. She married Ned when she was 19 years old, and their marriage seemed to be fine despite the reaction and shame.

Regina has money, so she can drive whatever car she wants, live in lavish homes, eat anything she wants, and live the dream life that many women her age aspire to.

She may be ill right now, but as soon as she recovers, she resumes her lavish lifestyle.

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