Spooky footage shows 'haunted' fish fillet jump up and down 'panicking' in the oven

The fish jumps around violently
Spooky footage shows 039haunted039 fish fillet jump up and down

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A creepy video appears to show a dead filleted fish leaping around while being cooked in an oven.

In the clip, originally shared on YouTube, the seasoned fish is flipping around like it is still alive in its bed of oil and herbs.

As it jerks around, the whole oven rattles and makes the whole scene even more spooky.

The video was first shared three years ago but recently recirculated on social media.

On Reddit, one person commented: “Erm… your dinner appears to be haunted.”

A second worried-sounding person wrote: “OH HELL NO!!!!”

Some other viewers joked the fish had “forgotten to delete its internet search history” after dying and began to “panic”.

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The fish jumps around violently
The fish jumps around violently in the oven while its cooking

There are a few explanations as to why the fish can still move after death and one of the more likely ones is that its muscles are still contracting.

Even though its brain is missing, there are still cells that can respond to a stimulus, such as the salt in seasoning, that make the muscles twitch for some time after death.

This comes after a bloke made an incredible claim that a “dead fish” came shooting out of his mum’s tap when she ran herself a bath.

Many people found the fish's post-mortem dance unsettling
Many people found the fish’s post-mortem dance unsettling

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He shared a picture of what he claimed was the little fish and it left many viewers swearing to never drink tap water again.

But his mum’s water company hit back against the claims and said it the so-called fish was a lump of “mould” caused by the tap not being cleaned properly.

In another spooky but true tale, a man came back to life in his own coffin on the way to his funeral and was rushed to hospital, leaving mourners petrified.

Doctors later confirmed he was still alive but it is not known how they made the mistake and recorded his death.

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