Sports stick, economic stick

Group G of the Champions League has been one of the most even in the history of the competition, so much so that Sevilla could be champion, second, third and bottom depending on what happened on the last day. A Group in which Everyone could go to the second round and, at the same time, stay out, not only in the top competition, but also in Europe.

Eventually the carambola (which was not such) did not happen and Julen Lopetegui’s team, as the lesser evil, will play the Europa League, his fetish tournament. It was only worth winning in Austria and he did not.

Possibly He started burying his options at minute 47, when Munir, all alone, slammed the ball off the crossbar. From the possible 0-1 to 1-0, just three minutes later, the situation changed completely, which already turned black after the expulsion of Munir. Not even removing Lopetegui to all his heavy artillery in attack did he manage to turn the scoreboard.

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Qualifying for the round of 16 was not only important for sporting reasons, for the club’s image in Europe, but rather economically it was nothing short of momentous.

The mere participation in the tournament already gave the club 15.64 million euros, to which were added 2.79 for the three draws and 2.8 for the victory against Wolfsburg. Thus, Sevilla, until tonight, had accumulated a total of 21.23 ‘kilos’.

Accessing the round of 16 was going to mean a very important economic injection of 9.6 million euros. To that amount was added, in addition, the 2.8 for the victory in Salzburg, so Sevilla would get into the round of 16 with a final amount of 33.63 million. Goodbye to the ‘morterada’.

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Now in the Europa League the amounts are significantly reduced. For playing the round of 32 he will receive 500,000 euros, more than nine million less than having continued in the Champions League.

For the entity it was vital to enter the knockout stages of the Champions League. Last season it was budgeted for the team to reach the quarterfinals of the competition. Finally the accounts were not fulfilled because Borussia Dortmund appeared on the road. Today it was Salzburg.

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