“Stop behaving as if you are a single Mother”- Shatta wale fans blast Michy

"Stop behaving as if you are a single Mother"- Shatta wale fans blast Michy
Stop behaving as if you are a single Mother Shatta

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Michy is not willing to listen to discussions about Shatta Wale’s involvement in the life of their baby son, Majesty.

That is why, while claiming exclusive ownership of her son in multiple social media posts, she pounced on a fan who inquired about her baby daddy’s absence in her son’s life.

Michy posted a video on Instagram about Majesty’s dedication to the Lord for turning six years old. In the footage, a priest can be seen praying for the young man.

The video’s caption was written by Michy:

God gave this little boy Maj to me to fill many empty spots in my life, because of him, I feel complete and it’s just right that I dedicate him back to our good lord to thank him for 6 years of growth. Many didn’t leave the labour ward, but here we are , 6 years later. May His name be praised. The ordinance of Baptism🤗. Now that I’ve given to God what belongs to Him, I can flood your timelines💃💃💃💃💃

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The video below was uploaded by her…

That is why a fan suggested she cease claiming sole ownership of the child, as if she was the only one who gave birth to him.

Following the breakup of Shatta Wale and Michy, it appears that the woman has taken on the role of mother and father to little Majesty.

relegating the importance of the SM Boss in the child’s life to the background

Michy was irritated by the remark and told the fan to shut up since she pays the bills and has the freedom and right to caption her images as she sees appropriate.

Here’s a look at the back and forth:

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