Stop blaming the Artist, Blame the greedy and Lazy Hyena Gatekeepers

Stop blaming the Artist, Blame the greedy and Lazy Hyena Gatekeepers
Stop blaming the Artist, Blame the greedy and Lazy Hyena Gatekeepers

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We have quietly been observing the blame game going on after this year’s Grammys and it’s interesting how our Gatekeepers especially the media folks want to blame the Artist instead of taking the Responsibility and the Shame.

Yes the Industry has issues and there are a lot of things to blame including government negligence, no market for our products, and a poor Royalty system but the bigger blame must be laid at the doorstep of the Gatekeepers.

The work of a Music Artist is to do Music and that is where it ENDS.

The rest of the Job is for his Management and Label to push the Product to its destination.

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It’s also the responsibility of the Radio stations to play the songs since the Artist and their management don’t own radio stations and this is done by the DJs, Presenter and Gatekeepers.

Unfortunately these DJs, Presenters and Gatekeepers collect huge sums of monies called PAYOLA and still don’t Promote the songs and if these songs don’t get out there how do you expect the Artist to Blow.

Now the few ones that get out there and become Hits have no market to sell to locally and the world out there too do not readily understand our sound to quickly gravitate towards it online like our local people would have done.

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Because our PAYOLA taking monsters have eaten all the monies of these record labels including NAMs label without ANY RESULTS majority of these Labels owned by business men who deals with returns and not passion have left the Job for the Artist who still has his passion and now becomes his own Manager, Label, PA, Blogger etc etc.

Under normal circumstances this is how the cycle is suppose to run,

1. A Label Picks an Artist

2. Records the Artist in a Studio

3. Promotes the Songs

4. markets the Songs

Now when the returns come in the label employs the services of

5. A promoter to push the brand beyond the boarders

6. a booking agent to book the artist around the world.

Now when the Artist starts going on tour he begins to catch the eye of the bigger labels and then deals are signed with the mother label down here and together they push the artist to the world to exploit the potential of the Artist to finally bring back the awards and glory to the country.

Fact is NONE of the above 6 points work in this country yet they want Grammys.

All the sweat and toil in this Industry ends up in the pocket of our DJs, Presenters and Gatekeepers with No market to sell to and make back returns and even that the don’t play the songs but still want more Payo to fill their Hyena Bellies.

The work of a Gatekeeper is to protect the gates of the Industry and open the doors when our artist are ready to move out but here in this Country these Gatekeepers have taken bigger bribes from our neighbors in the name of PAYOLA after finishing all the Monies here and have opened the gates for them to flood us with their music whiles locking the gates for our people not to get ours to the outside world.

We’ve heard major Gatekeepers saying that they blocked some Artists when some outsiders requested for their services and this is the kind of Gatekeepers we have.

Now these Artists who are now struggling on their own have to use the Windows of the industry ie the internet to the outside world to pursue their career since these Gatekeepers have refused to bring out the keys for the gates to be opened.

The saddest part is that as these Artist after going to the world through the window and are struggling out there these greedy and lazy gatekeepers are here talking nonsense and bullshit about their careers that they never contributed to getting out there.

I’m not done writing but I’ll end here for now.

I will end by warning these DJs, Presenter and Gatekeepers to STOP blaming these hard working Artists with immediate effect else they’ll be shocked at the feedback they’ll get.

Fact is we’re all Vagabonds out there trying to Survive since we have nowhere to call our home so give us a freaking break.

If we have to build this industry we’ll have to start from ground zero and that will include everyone including the Artist because we’ve all contributed to the MESS but the bigger MESS will be blamed on our Greedy and Lazy Hyena Gatekeepers.


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