Stop mounting pressure on the youth with your fake lifestyles

Entertainment of Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Source: Christopher Agbodo Ranson, Contributor

Actress Shanfair wants her colleagues to stop the fake lives they live

Many people use photographs and posts to portray their lives in a positive light. They feel competitive and want to be seen as having a happy relationship, a thriving career, gifted children, adventurous hobbies, or the world’s cutest baby.

Multi-talented Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Shanfair Adwoa Assan, affectionately called Shanfair, has however slammed her colleagues in the movie industry who mostly live fake lavish lives on social media.

According to her, most celebrities fake their lifestyles on social media to gain public support which in the end causes a lot of harm to them.

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Speaking in an interview with Virgin Blogger, she stated that some celebs in Ghana normally lie to the youth by suggesting that being on the screens or being popular is most definitely an easy path to success.

The actress stressed that when some celebs do this, it brings a lot of unnecessary pressure on the youth, who mostly do anything crazy just to be like them.

She urged celebrities to make their followers know that most of the things they flaunt online are mostly not theirs but are borrowed from their friends.

She advised the youths not to be so hard on themselves if they see musicians and celebrities posting highly-priced items on the internet because in most cases, it’s hired and not for them .

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