Student claims he spotted triangle 'UFO' hovering above coast before it sped off

The UFO spotted in Devon last week
Student claims he spotted triangle 039UFO039 hovering above coast before

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A student was left in shock after spotting a large UFO hovering “for ten seconds” over the Devon seafront.

The bright unidentified object was hovering over the sea before it sped off into the distance.

Matthew Evans, 36, spotted it while peeping out of his top-floor flat window last week.

The mature student managed to whip out his phone to take a picture, but within seconds the suspect object had whizzed off.

In the pictures, four bright lights in a triangular-shaped formation lingering in the night’s sky.

Matthew, from Tidmouth, Devon, said: “I couldn’t help but see it.

“My kitchen window gives a great view of the sea so when it came across the horizon.

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The UFO spotted in Devon last week
The so-called UFO spotted in Devon last week

“It wasn’t moving like a plane would.

“It was moving a lot slower and went up and down for a bit before hovering a good 10 seconds.

“It stayed in one spot long enough for me to pull out my phone and get those snaps.

“Then it quickly zoomed off at some speed and I couldn’t see it anymore.

He said the object sped off into the distance
He said the object sped off into the distance

“The light was really bright.

“I just didn’t know what it could be so I decided to take a picture.

“I’m not quite losing my marbles yet.

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“But it’s hard to place it so I suppose it is an unidentified flying object.”

The sighting came in the same week that the US’ Director of National Intelligence released a long-awaited preliminary report into UFOs, which are now referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

The report, released on June 25, confirms that some UAP “probably do represent physical objects” and could “demonstrate a breakthrough in aerospace technology by a potential adversary”.

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It said they “clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security”.

The document, which has been submitted to Congress and examined a number of reported sightings between 2004 and 2021, was unable to confirm if they were US technology – but said “some UAP may be technologies deployed by China, Russia, another nation, or a non-governmental entity”.

It also grouped a number of sightings as being “other” and said “we may require additional scientific knowledge to successfully collect on, analyze and characterize some of them”.

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