Teacher Hospitalized After ‘Chopping’ 7 Female Students

Teacher Hospitalized After 'Chopping' 7 Female Students
Teacher Hospitalized After Chopping 7 Female Students

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Excessive cutting has landed a SHS teacher in the hospital. Mr.Awuku, a maths instructor, has a lot of charm and is very good at what he does. He has been able to change a school that was previously known for generating poor math pupils under his supervision.

He is a young, attractive man who is adored by both pupils and instructors. Mariam, Awuku’s American wife, resides in the United States. When he married his wife, he was a virgin. Mariam used to be a teacher, but she left to pursue brighter pastures in the United States of America. They have not had any children yet.

After being left alone, Awuku has abandoned his fidelity. With anything in a skirt, he is cheating on his wife.

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Unfortunately, his new characteristic was passed on to his students. He took advantage of each female in his class who piqued his interest. It turned into an obvious case of sex for grades.

He attempted to seduce Jennifer, a student who was performing poorly in his subject, during his sexual excursions. He invited her to pay him a visit and receive one-on-one instruction. She, on the other hand, declined. He tried everything he could think of, but none of them worked. Awuku was a fighter who never gave up. He persisted in his search until Jennifer decided to pay him a visit.


Mr. Awuku took his time on that fateful day, making his bed and taking a nice bath. He put on a nice outfit and awaited the arrival of his new prey.

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When he heard a knock at his door, he dashed out. It turned out to be Jennifer in person. He welcomed her inside. Awuku then proceeded to teach her the lessons he had promised to teach her. Jennifer was having fun with arithmetic for the first time, but things changed when her teacher began making moves toward her.

She put up a fight at first, but eventually gave in. She did, however, encourage the instructor to apply a spray that she had brought with her. She explained that the spray will help you last longer, which is exactly what she wants. Awuku complied and put it to good use. He subsequently began having sexual relations with Jennifer. After a few minutes of this, six additional female students appeared out of nowhere.

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Awuku was completely taken aback and could not believe what he was witnessing. He believed he had reached the end of his path. He had no clue the girls had other plans. Jennifer’s pals are the females, and instructor Awuku has already had his way with them all. They prepared to punish him for his bad acts when Jennifer informed them of the harassment.


The girls threatened to denounce Awuku to the authorities unless he slept with all of them. He consented to the latter and slept with each of them in turn.

He felt really tired and ultimately passed out. Awuku awoke with a bloated abdomen and a malfunctioning manhood in the hospital.

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