Terrified TikToker finds 'outline of bloody body' and 'case number' under carpet

The outline of a 'body' found under the carpet
Terrified TikToker finds 039outline of bloody body039 and 039case number039

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A woman has terrified people after sharing her “creepy” discovery when she pulled up the carpet in her home and found a nasty surprise.

In the clip, TikTok user @dontbeanashhole shows herself lifting the rug and looking at the bare floorboards.

There is a pen outline of a human body on the floor, and next to it there is a note written in a thicker pen giving the “case number” and the date of January 19, 2018.

She joked: “I wasn’t bothered knowing someone had died in my new house, but imagine my surprise when I ripped up the floor and found this”.

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“Okay but this is actually a little creepy,” she added.

The outline of a 'body' found under the carpet
The outline of a ‘body’ found under the carpet

Predictably, the clip has spooked people after being watched more than a 4.8million times and leading to all sorts of theories about what could have happened.

Some people thought it was the location of a dead body and told the TikToker to do some research.

“Yeah that’s a body stain,” commented one user.

A second freaked-out person wrote: “Oh man that’s crazy.”

Someone else recommended: “Pour peroxide on the stain. If it bubbles it is blood. If it is you need to get out of your house. Blood pathogens are very dangerous.”

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The weird stain had a 'crime number' next to it
The weird stain had a ‘crime number’ next to it

Meanwhile, other people found the whole setup a bit suspect and reckoned it was a prank being played on the homeowner by someone who was living there or laying the carpet before.

One said: “Y’all are gullible that’s not even the right proportions of a human body.”

“That’s not how they outline bodies lmao,” wrote a second person.

A third user reckoned: “Whoever installed the carpet drew that to freak out whoever removed the carpet.

“We did this to our old house before we put laminate down. It’s a joke.”

But in an update, the homeowner filmed herself spraying the suspicious stain with peroxide and white foamy bubbles appeared, indicating it was blood.

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The normal-looking patch of floor did not make any bubbles when sprayed.

Blood contains the peroxidase enzyme which converts peroxide into water and oxygen, which is what makes the bubbles appear.

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