The Cry and Advice Of Our African Ancestors.

The Cry and Advice
The Cry and Advice Of Our African Ancestors

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The Cry and Advice Of Our African Ancestors.

Things got worst on our own Land
Hope was a thing of the past
Dignity and worth were drugged in the muddy soil
Hope and faith were lost when incarcerated in castles
There was a No to all possibilities when transported to the Cape Coast castle
Screaming and longing for food and water on our own soil whilst the stranger had them in abundance
The pain in heart kept growing
Parents separated from children, husband and wife separated from each other
Foot touching water was prohibited
Our own excretion was our perfume
Women only got to know the feeling of water on the body was still the same when they got favor from Jesus to be raped by the oppressors
We screamed and cried harder at the basement
On top floor, they praise Jesus for the good things he has done for them
Calling upon the ancestors attracted death punishment
At last both men and women felt water being sprinkled on them
Then we follow through the ”Door Of No Return”, that was the last time seeing and stepping foot on our own Land
Hearts began to bleed, rivers from the head rushed out through the eyes
Couldn’t smile or wave while looking into the eye of Mama Africa
We knew Mama Africa was never willing to give us out
But she fought still She had no strength and courage to push on
Sleeping on each other in the ship, we set off from Mama Africa
Never rested on the ship, did our best thinking something positive will be the result
Some had their last breath on the ship, some thrown into the ocean as a result of hard struggle with the oppressors
Those still breathing uneasily landed on the foreign land
Matters got worst, Mama was nowhere to hear our bitter weeping
We were strangers fighting for survival
No place to call our home
Lost our stools and status as Queens and Kings
Each time we sat to meditate, we envision Mama Africa weeping bitterly
She prayed for our well-being, wished the best for us
Called upon the ancestors to protect and guide us through our struggles in a strange land
Working twenty-four hours each day without wage
The cotton field was our new residence
Some were mistreated and lynched for not hitting productivity target
Women were raped every now and then, men sodomized to degrade them in the faces of their women
Calling on our ancestors was a thing of the past but Jesus and the God of Israel
Getting no help from the skies forced us to fall back on our Ancestors
We joined forces to help free ourselves, many were willing to lead
The oppressors never wanted to see us strong
Lives were lost through the struggle for freedom
We still pushed on until something positive was an outcome
Today, we stand aside and watch those who took over from us leading our children back onto slavery
That’s not what we toiled and shed our blood for
We wish they could hear us warning them not to befriend the enemy
We befriending them was our weaknesses then
Hear our cries, dear children, the Caucasian is not your friend
He has no good intentions for you
All he wants is you in trouble
Move away from them
Separate yourself from them
Join forces and pull resources together for the betterment of Mama Africa
Unite, our African children, for your unity is a threat to the enemy
That was what we fought for
Hear us our children, hear our cries


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