The Whites came to Africa to learn and later told us we have nothing good to offer.

The Whites came to Africa to learn
The Whites came to Africa to learn and later told

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When darkness occupied everywhere, the Gods opened their eyes to lightening our way.

When the world was in total darkness, the children of the Gods shared their light to the benefit of the entire world.

When the path way bushy, we cleared for all to journey free.

We gave then cannon to sail across the river when they could not swim.

When they were living in caves, we had kingdoms with kings and queens.

We sheltered them when they had no refuge.

We dinned and mingled with them to give them hope to strive on.

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We made them know water can do good to the skin when they had no idea of bathing.

When they were wondering how to keep records we gave then papyrus scroll and writing system.

When they were nowhere to be found, we were keeping our history in stones.

When they were still killing themselves, Ubuntu was our order of the day.

When they knew nothing about community, democracy lived with us.

After we took the speck off their eyes, the table turned.

They said they were leading us from time immemorial.

Proclaimed we had no clothes on when they came into contact with us.

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Declared we were living on tree when they first step foot on our land.

Bragged they sat us down and taught us how to read and write.

They called the time they were nowhere to be found the Dark Ages.

That is what happens when one gives the oppressor the chance to educate his offspring.

When African teachers vacate the classroom, everything favors the oppressor.

Definitely, nothing good can be said about a generation very proud to imitate those who imitated their predecessors.

A generation ashamed of her own culture, but that of the oppressor,

A generation dying to look like her oppressor,

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A generation doing all her possible best to vacate her country and vows never to return.

Such generation can only invite shame and disgrace to herself, predecessors and the generation to follow.

Time to change thing for the better.


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