“The wives of the presidents have been paid secretly since 2008, Akuffo Addo made it public so we can tax them”- Bibi Bright

"The wives of the presidents have been paid secretly since 2008, Akuffo Addo made it public so we can tax them"- Bibi Bright
The wives of the presidents have been paid secretly since

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Bibi Bright, a Ghanaian actress, has backed the government’s decision to give official allowances to the wives of the country’s presidents and vice presidents.

Bibi, an avid fan of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), said in a post seen by that the allowance at issue was provided secretly.

Nana Addo’s administration, she claimed, is bringing it to light so that they may be taxed.

Bibi Bright went on to say that the main opposition party is twisting it to frustrate Ghanaians’ hearts and minds.

Read the whole of her post here:

For years since 2008.. ‘Ama Ghana’ has been paying some amounts of money under the table to former first and second ladies till date tagged as “Allowances” As teachers, nurses and other public servants had taxes deducted from their salaries for national building these under the table sums of money was paid with no tax deduction. Today, the president supposes that the ‘allowances’ that are been paid behind doors should be brought to light and paid as salaries so they can be taxed just like every other public servant, the opposition decides to run with it, twist and turn it to emotionally frustrate the hearts and minds of Ghanaians.
. Am still asking and am yet to get any credible answers about the back dating aspect of this news. I personally disagree that their salaries should be backdated since they, as in ALL former and previous first and second ladies have all been paid their allowances till date, I repeat all of them..
. Then again I think what we need to ask again is ‘how much is this ” allowances”? For all we know it may be even more than parliamentarians or ministers pay. I quote former minister of energy under the ndc administration said “he didn’t even know that first and second ladies take allowances” so a whole member of parliament and a minister had no idea how much more you and I? my fellow Ghanaians what if this present day administration also decided to keep mute about these “allowances” and continued to pay sums of money under the table?
. How do we ask for accountability and transparency as a nation if we continue to criticize the truth and uphold the unknown?
. “Ama Ghana” my 2cents thank you

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