Themed movie premieres and red carpet fashion tragedies in Nigeria

Last Updated on July 12, 2021 by MyGh.Online

In Nigeria, red carpet movie premieres have been full of themes and ridiculous outfits lately.

Perhaps, trying to copy the annual Met Gala in New York with it themes and costumes, movie premieres in Nigeria in recent times have been themed.

Most of the guests do not even understand the red carpet theme.

Some of the guests boycott these themes and just wear whatever they feel like.

With Nollywood now using cinemas as major part of its distribution, premieres have become a regular event in Lagos.

While these events have given us fine photo moments, there have been a slew of red card tragedies.

Nigerian stylists and fashion designers have made a pact with whosoever to make tacky and over-the-top wears for their clients, with only a few understanding of what true elegance is.

For some weeks, I have reviewed some red carpet looks to the point I feel that I should take a break and call a time out.

The stylists and the fashion designers also have a huge role to play in this. Most of the tragedies we see on the red carpets are their fault.

The stylists should buy well-tailored, elegant outfits for their clients instead of struggling to make a fashion statement that no one cares about.

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