“There is nothing wrong with paying the first and second lady”- former NDC chairman Allotey Jacobs

"There is nothing wrong with paying the first and second lady"- former NDC chairman Allotey Jacobs
There is nothing wrong with paying the first and second

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For the time being, it is agreed that Ghana’s first and second ladies would be paid monthly. The topic has sparked a lot of debate among the public, with virtually everyone voicing their thoughts on it.

While some have praised the move, others feel it will be a waste of money and that it is unimportant.

Mr. Allotey Jacobs, the former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is the latest to join the fray.

Mr. Allotey Jacobs said in an interview with Philip Osei Bonsu that monkeys play by sizes and that people opposing the decision should go back and examine the history of all first ladies in the country before drawing conclusions.

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He claims that politicians are aware of the reality but have chosen to remain silent and act as if Akufu Addo is the first president to take such a step.

The President’s and Vice President’s wives have been assisting their husbands in a variety of ways. On behalf of their spouses, they are usually dispatched on national duties. The first and second ladies have significant obligations as a result of their status, and they aid the needy in a variety of ways.

They have been in the headlines for giving things to help communities and institutions on many occasions. Has anyone, however, inquired as to where the funds come from?

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Mr. Allotey Jacobs believes they are suffering and that it is past time for them to be compensated. He went on to say that all surviving first ladies continue to get allowances behind closed doors, but that this administration has decided to make it public. “The first ladies may not even use this monthly salary for themselves; in the past, they were given monthly allowances.” He made a point.

According to him, such topics should not even be discussed in public because no one is blameless. “Monkeys have sizes, and we must all respect ourselves and recognize that these first ladies have enormous responsibilities and require compensation.”

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The well-being of the first lady should be a top priority for the entire country. These first women incur risks in their movements and rely on these incomes to cover their costs. They labor for the country, therefore putting their names on the government payroll is not out of the question.

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