“This is a step back to give momentum”

The Barça lost against him Bayern Munich (3-0) and fell to Europa League, a competition that the Catalans will play for the first time in their history, and at the conclusion of the match the captain Sergio Busquets He regretted not having been able to get the ticket for the round of 16.

“We leave with bad feelings, it is clear that it is not what we wanted. It is not what the club or the fans deserve. We wanted to continue in the Champions League and fight to go through phases, but this is the reality. The reality is that We are going to the Europa League and we have not managed to qualify. We are in a tough, difficult and painful situation, but there are many factors that have led us to this. We know the delicate situation of the club, things have not been done quite well , the players have also lacked many things on the field of play to achieve more points and results. Everything makes it a very complicated situation, “he said. Busquets, who wanted to make it clear that the elimination in Champions “It is not what this club deserves, but it is a step backwards to give momentum.”

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“I have no doubt that we are going to come back. We also have to be in bad times, we are going to give everything. Surely the fans will too. Many teams have gone through this situation not far away. I remember that many have played the Europa League. teams like Chelsea, even Bayern Munich for more years, but in the end, when you get the sport right, Barça will do just that. People know that Barça is a great club, we know it and we know what it is. There has been a change in management for a few months, recently the staff changed and we know that there is an economic problem that is going to be difficult, but I have no doubt that we are going to return and that this is a step backwards to give momentum. It is not the best situation or the one we wanted, but we also have to be in the bad times. We are going to give everything and surely the fans that are Barça really too “, he assured Busquets.

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Convinced of being able to win the Europa League

Despite the heavy defeat and little game offered in Munich, Sergio Busquets is sure that in the Barça there is enough staff to win the Europa League and that now that should be the goal of the season.

“It is clear that we have a team to win the Europa League and compete in it. I have been in the world of football for many years and I know that we are going to get better. In football, results and goals are in order and we are going to go up. We have to be the goal. We have to face the Europa League in the best way. I am going to help as much as I can. We want to leave Barça where it deserves, “he said. Busquets, who recognized that the European KO is a “situation that we have won in the field.”

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