This is how to flirt with your crush like a pro

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The number of relationship success stories that continue to come off social media is evidence of this. Just search #WeMetOnTwitter to get an idea of how texting has aided the throwing of shots and in a broader context, reshaped the way we do love, dates and other aspects of romantic connection.

And when it comes to flirting and being flirty without pressure, you can bank on texting to be the best way to go about it.

“You can add, delete, and even get a friend’s opinion if you need another set of eyes- all before you hit send.”

And with proper use of emojis and gifs and other memes, you are on your way to getting into their heart [or bed] depending on what your goal is.

“Well-placed emojis and GIFs add excitement,” Greene chips in. “They’re intended to express your feelings without using words and can turn a dull text into a fabulous one. That perfect emoji will melt the heart of your crush.”

“Having a warm body smack in front of you gives you lots of nonverbal cues that are nonexistent when you’re flirting via texting,” Greene explains.

Further tips on doing this texting thing right include the total avoidance of the generic, tired, “WYD” and “sup” texts. You already know they do not work, especially when you’ve just begun working your way into someone’s mind.

“It comes across as lazy and indifferent, and your crush will not feel valued or special,” Green said of the short communication.

“Limit your text to a few sentences at most, then await your crush’s response,” Greene advised. “It’s a lot like a great tennis match, a lot of back and forth.”

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