This passed Akwesidae came with a message to be shared with all Ghanaians.

Let’s go home
This passed Akwesidae came with a message to be shared

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This passed Akwesidae came with a message to be shared with all Ghanaians.

Let’s go home: Home of Africa Tradition, Afrikania Mission, Sankofatete Nokware and Ankh Warriors dined and mingled on Akwesidae and the messages our good old Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors and Ancestress delivered cannot be kept to ourselves alone.

It was fire at the Art Center (Accra) on Sunday, 8th August. All the energies and vibrations were at work. The Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors, Ancestress and all the creatures in the universe came to sing, dance, dine and gave out messages.

There is no doubt the time to journey back home is now, why not join the train back home than to be left behind? We are going home to possess what rightfully belong to us. The country has been in the hands of stranger for quite too long.

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We going home to reactivate the energies and vibration our forefathers used to wage war against the oppressors to defend and maintained our noble Mother Ghana and Africa as a whole. How come we have forgone these energies and vibrations and held on to foreign Gods and suffering lot of misfortunes as a result.

We have enough resources to make us the Kings and Queens we are, but foreigners are rather benefiting from our rich resource because we have no respect for the energies and vibrations who were with us in our hard times. Foreigners and few elites of our land are enriching their selves with the resources which are supposed to be used to better the lives of all children of Mama Africa.

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We going back home to reactivate these warrior energies and vibrations to visit us with the spiritual help needed to free ourselves from the wicked few. Time to wage spiritual wars to get back what is meant for the consumption all children of Mama Africa but in the hands of few wicked, selfish and heartless elites.

We going home no more time to waste.

Ankh Warriors


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