“Those who fail to pay their tithes have nothing to harvest in life” – US preacher, Mike Murdock

Chaos at Teshie as Chief priest attacked, shrine almost vandalized
Chaos at Teshie as Chief priest attacked shrine almost vandalized

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US preacher Mike Murdock has encouraged Christians and non-Christians alike to make the paying of tithe a regular ritual.

According to him, people who try to pay their tithe judiciously have a constant supply of goodies from God because tithe is a seed that brings in a harvest.

Mike Murdock believes the paying of tithe is a spiritual obligation that opens doors of blessings onto the payee and the harvest never ends.

Conversely, those who fail to pay their tithe clearly do not have anything to harvest. So if you wanna have abundance and never lack as the Bible has explained, make it a point to pay your tithe on time and regularly.


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