“Those with common sense will not attend Badu Kobi’s church”- Avraham Ben Moshe

"Those with common sense will not attend Badu Kobi's church"- Avraham Ben Moshe
Those with common sense will not attend Badu Kobis church

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A large chunk of Avraham Ben Moshe’s teachings, the leader of the Common Sense Family, can simply be viewed as someone who wishes to stand up for the truth every day.

Avraham Ben Moshe descended on several ministers of God who live a lavish life yet counsel their church members to give out big sums of money so they can enjoy riches in heaven during a talk show called Bryt Extraa on Bryt TV, hosted by Yaa Yeboah.

Some pastors, he claims, have personal bodyguards and well-trained security dogs to defend them at home and elsewhere, but these same pastors are selling their church members’ calendars and posters in the name of spiritual protection from evil spirits.

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He went on to say that anyone who attends Badu Kobi’s church is devoid of common sense since they are unable to reason properly and recognize that he is not from God.

He went on to say that any pastor who makes false forecasts based on the old bible should be executed.

This follows Badu Kobi’s false predictions that Brazil would win a football match and Argentina would lose.

After a botched Copa America prediction, Prophet Badu Kobi’s Euro 2020 prophecy backfires.

England would defeat Italy to win the title, according to Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

He also said that it was God’s will for Brazil to win the trophy over arch rivals Argentina.

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The game, however, did not end up that way, with Argentina winning 1-0 thanks to Angel di Maria’s first-half strike.

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