'Time Traveller' who predicted final weeks ago claims Italy will beat England

039Time Traveller039 who predicted final weeks ago claims Italy will

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A so-called “time traveller” has stunned football fans with Euro 2020 predictions which have left England fans worried.

TikTok user @nsh.official has been sharing television footage of full time scenes of matches which they claim to have filmed in the future.

On June 18 the account uploaded a video that showed a TV scoreboard of Italy beating England in the final of this year’s Euros, 2-1. In the clip, they write: “I’m a time traveller.”

The eerie clip which included shots of fans celebrating the victory in the stadium, has resurfaced with the fixture coming true after Italy saw off Spain and England Denmark this week.

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A screenshot of the creepy video

Nsh.official has not only accurately predicted who will star in the final previous results on England’s way, LadBible reports.

They shared a video of England thrashing Ukraine 4-0 in the quarter-final match before the match even kicked off.

A fan commented: “This man actually is from the future.”

“Bro this is now impressive,” another said.

One TikTok user even feared it would not be long before the authorities cottoned on to his supposed time travelling.

The self-titled ‘time traveller’ said England will lose the final, weeks ago

“Bro the FBI is on the way,” They said.

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Three Lions supporters will be praying the result of the final does not go the same way as the TikTok user claims.

The video uploaded last month which has since been viewed over 6.4 million times, is captioned: “Italy just beat England the Euro 2020 final. I’m a time traveller.”

Commenting on the video, one person said: “Okay, so I saw this at the start of the tournament, now I’m slightly scared.”

Another added: “Plz may u tell me if this is true and England are actually gonna lose bc I so worried.”

Italian players
Italy are predicted by the ‘time traveller’ to win 2-1

A third eyed up an opportunity to cash in on the ‘time traveller’, they said: “Can you give me details for the final please I want to bet bro.”

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The more sceptical on the social media platform argue videos of several possible outcomes were created ahead of the matches but shared privately.

Only after the final result have the correct predictions made public, online sleuths have suggested.

As for the clips themselves, it appears nsh.official has recreated the telly scoreboard which includes the goal scorers of Barella in the 31st minute, Mount equalising in the 48th minute and Chiesa scoring the winner in the 77th minute.

Keen-eyed viewers also pointed out that the video cannot be real because the final will be played at Wembley where the seats are red, not blue.

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