Tony Elumelu asks- Are you prepared to receive and make your luck count?

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Tony Elumelu asks Are you prepared to receive and make

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I believe in luck because I’m a product of it.

When I started my career, I got a job I applied for despite not meeting the advertised criteria. That was luck at play, but I also believed that I was good enough to make a difference, so I offered myself. Luck was what made my boss at the time read my application letter.

Leaders must be painstaking. My boss was. He read the application and invited me for the interview even though I did not meet the advertised criteria. Luck!

Today, through The Tony Elumelu Foundation, we give a non-refundable seed capital of $5,000 to thousands of entrepreneurs across 54 African countries every year. When you get that funding, that’s luck but the eventual outcome depends on being disciplined, hardworking, committed, passionate, purposeful and laser-focused.
So, there is indeed luck, but luck on its own does not translate to success because it needs to combine with the qualities mentioned above and more. 

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At the Tony Elumelu Foundation, we are playing our part by democratising and institutionalising luck. Dear African entrepreneur, are you prepared to receive and make your luck count?

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