UK’s first pub to have virtual reality centre also has whopping 350 gin and tonics

Emily's review of The Four Thieves 2 chill battersea arcade pub
UKs first pub to have virtual reality centre also has

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Some pubs have dart boards, others have pool tables – but this boozer boasts an entire arcade and virtual reality station.

The Four Thieves is the UK’s first pub to have its own VR centre, with three booths for a totally unique gaming experience.

The Battersea boozer offers ‘craft beer for days’ and 350 variations of gin and tonic, with a beautiful lavender gin terrace just a few minutes away from Clapham Junction in London.

Emily Chudy shared The Four Thieves on our sister site 2Chill , giving it a five star rating.

She said: “As well as hosting comedians and DJs to entertain, the top floor of The Four Thieves in Battersea contains an arcade with retro games, virtual reality, and a 10-person mini-car racing game.

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Emily's review of The Four Thieves 2 chill battersea arcade pub
Emily’s review of The Four Thieves

“If you’d like a slightly more relaxed day out, The Four Thieves also serves bottomless brunches, Sunday roasts – with a vegetarian option – and freshly-baked sourdough pizzas.”

The Moonshine Raceway can see up to 10 people compete on a mini remote controlled race car track, with the arcade also being home to a Skee Ball machine and tonnes of retro games

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But catapulting you into the 21st century is their modern VR technology, with the choice of over a dozen games.

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