Uncanny video appears to show 'legs without a body' jogging spookily down street

The video appears to show legs going to a solo run
Uncanny video appears to show 039legs without a body039 jogging

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A strange video apparently shows some legs jogging down a dark street without being attached to a body – leaving viewers scratching their heads.

In the weird clip, which has been widely shared on social media and forums, a pair of legs appear to go for a stroll by themselves.

The legs walk with a very human-like gait, even when they are contrasted against a pale building in the background, no torso or other parts are visible.

A child watching a white rabbit is the original subject of the video, which makes it seem like the phenomenon has been caught on film purely by accident.

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The video appears to show legs going to a solo run
The video appears to show legs going to a solo run

Pointing at the rabbit, the child seems fascinated and watches the animal hop around on the road.

Suddenly, the rabbit seems spooked by something and runs off, just as the mysterious legs start jogging past.

Is it a clever hoax or something more uncanny?

The video was shared by popular conspiracy theory channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 who said he “couldn’t source” the mystery footage.

The rabbit was not scared enough according to viewers
The rabbit was not scared enough according to viewers

Some questioned if it might be a “ghost” but others thought the kid and his pet were not spooked enough for something sinister to have occurred.

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Coming up with a tongue-in-cheek suggestion, one person said: “The Invisible Man forgot to put his shirt on.”

“Harry Potter was out and about while using his invisibility cloak, but he forgot to make sure his legs were covered,” wrote someone else.

Meanwhile, other people made to effort to whip out some puns, with one writing: “This gives new meaning to ‘My Pants Split.'”

“Some people don’t like leg puns… They can’t stand them,” quipped another user.

The video may also have been doctored in a more subtle way such as using a green screen and having the footage of the child and rabbit as a backdrop, according to another person in the comments.

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Eagle-eyed viewers also reckoned they could see the shadow of a torso appear for a moment before the trousers come into frame, backing up the idea.

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